Welcome to the online home of the Alpine Fire Department.  The AFD serves all of Alpine County, a mountainous area, and a playground for outdoor pursuits.  The summits here top out over 10,000 feet, and are popular year-round for hiking, backpacking, climbing, mountaineering, and skiing.  The mountains feed several rivers, popular in the summer for rafting and kayaking as well.  Red Rock Lake also provides boating, fishing, and swimming opportunities for residents and visitors.

The Department responds to fire and emergency medical incidents all over the county from seven stations.  The AFD is a combination full time/volunteer service, with an active call force.  Six of the seven stations have personnel on duty 24/7. 

There are six incorporated towns in the county:  Brickenridge, Brick River, Legochester, Lakeside, Castle Ridge, and Ullr Valley.  Housing developments are scattered through the unincorporated areas as well.  The population of the area is approximately 75,000, but swells to over 100,000 with visitors.  The county encompasses approximately 98 square miles, much of which is part of the White Brick National Forest.  The AFD responds to incidents located on Forest roads, as well as assisting with Wildland/Urban Interface on Wildland Fire incidents.

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